New Frontier is a private investment company formed to finance, acquire and develop global opportunities in the medical cannabis sector. Over the last few years, Frontier has made targeted investments in several global territories, specifically Lesotho, South Africa, Germany and Colombia.

RAPIDLY GROWING – The medical cannabis sector is evolving rapidly, which demands an agile investment philosophy; we recognise that the ability to pivot quickly is essential in today’s dynamic cannabis ecosystem.

ORGANIC GROWTH – Frontier will focus on organic growth across its business units, building in multiple areas of the supply chain. The businesses can generate revenue independently but are synergistically structured to drive growth and income to maximise short, medium and long-term returns.

DIVERSIFICATION Investing in New Frontier Holdings will give you a broader and more controlled exposure to the medical cannabis market, participating across the supply chain. As the market continues to develop, you can be exceptionally well place to benefit from this exciting growth.

VALUE CHAIN Frontier is a vertically integrated business operating across the medical cannabis value chain, including research, cultivation, extraction and distribution of the pharmaceutical grade product, our operations adhere to the highest compliance and regulatory standards.

“Only once in a lifetime do you come across an investment opportunity that is good for people, the planet, and your portfolio; that is what we have in the cannabis industry.”