The business will operate across multiple value chain areas, including cultivation, extraction, brokering and distribution of medical-grade products. The company will run through three core units, focusing on the development across three distinct areas.

The units can generate revenue independently but are synergistically structured to drive growth and revenue together to maximise short, medium and long-term objectives.

The roof brand, ‘Frontier’ will form the company’s core identity driving the medical cannabis growth model through internal development, new acquisitions and joint ventures.

Production and Extraction operations will take place in Lesotho and Colombia and distribution and sales will begin from South Africa and target niche, high margin products that target certain conditions.

CULTIVATION – Due to the low land cost, labour, and perfect geological conditions, Frontier will benefit from lower production costs traditionally… 

EXTRACTION – Cannabis product extraction into CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Oils are precious commodities; the extracted concentrate possesses significantly… 

DISTRIBUTION – Building trusted and profitable distribution pathways via meaningfulrelationships with physicians and pharmacists will be paramount…

“Our vision is to be the strategic leader in under represented medical cannabis market segments. Creating meaningful & sustainable treatments for patients & physicians”.