Frontier will continue to develop the cannabis cultivation facilities in Colombia and Lesotho working with infrastructure providers to create the most compliant and controlled environment needed to grow a high-grade A crop.

Due to the low land cost, labour, and perfect geological growing conditions, Frontier will benefit from lower production costs traditionally associated with cannabis production facilities. With indoor growing facilities built to GACP specifications to cultivate and process grade A product.

By utilising the latest technologies and growing methods, Frontier will ensure that each harvest is of the highest quality and yield possible while maintaining a consistent and globally compliant replicable product.

Not only is this a requirement for international certification it allows the company to maintain 100% transparency. This provides recognition of the legitimacy of all cannabis operations.

  • Off-take agreements, and product development and future revenue streams and dividends once they become profitable.

  • GACP certification ensures 100% transparent growing process, from seed to sale software assisting with logistical requirements.

“Only once in a lifetime do you come across an investment opportunity that is good for people, the planet, and your portfolio; that is what we have in the cannabis industry”.

Alberto Liebenberg – Frontier Botanics