Medical Cannabis as a medicine is the emergence of a global shift in prescriptive healthcare, disrupting traditional medicine and bringing about foundational change to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Medical cannabis is one of the greatest medical revolutions of our age and provoking a seismic shift in how we view healthcare and wellness, as people place greater importance on their quality of life. Frontier intends to be at the forefront of this revolution.

This green space offers an enormous investment opportunity in a rapidly growing industry. The “Green Rush” is fast becoming the preferred venture for growth investors as they move capital away from more traditional sectors to new greener more socially responsible investments.

  • €376 bn – Current annual medical expenditure for Germany.
  • €165.2 bn – Savings in 2013 Medicare/US from medical cannabis prescriptions vs other drugs.
  • €58 bn – Estimated European medical cannabis market value by 2028.
  • 95,000 – Medical cannabis prescriptions were made in Germany alone in 2018.

“Demand has never been greater for high quality product, in less than three years, the market for Medical Cannabis has increased exponentially.”

Frontier Botanics