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Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis oil has numerous uses and can be extracted once it is harvested. The oil is separated from the biomass into a concentrate via different methods. Frontier will perform medical grade extraction on site.


Cannabis extraction is conducted once cannabis is harvested and cured. After this, the oil is separated from the biomass into a concentrate. Cannabis oil is very valuable for its medical properties and also allows the company to increase profit margins and distribution potential.

Frontier plans to perform medical-grade cannabis extraction on site. The two most common methods are Super Critical CO2 and Ethanol Extraction however the company is considering alternative methods as well.


  • Cannabis oil is a valuable commodity, and its production will allow Frontier to generate additional areas of revenue while also sidestepping potentially difficult distribution hurdles.
  • Cannabis extraction can happen through a variety of methods. The two most common are Supercritical CO2 and Ethanol extraction.
  • Frontier is considering a new extraction method not yet publicly available, which is able to produce higher quality at a lower cost with very minimal inputs.


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