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      The extracted oil is a valuable commodity for the business and offers enormous scope to generate substantial revenue streams.

      The cannabis oil extract is a precious commodity; it is considered a high-value product with wholesale prices currently around €25,000 per litre. Its production can generate substantial revenues and generate significant profit margins for Frontier.

      Cannabis extraction takes place once the cannabis flower is harvested and cured. After this, the oil gets separated from the biomass into a concentrate. Frontier plans to perform medical-grade cannabis extraction on site.

      The extracted oil has much higher and consistent levels of cannabinoids than the flower, the active compound responsible for the plant’s medical effects, the two most commonly known are THC & CBD. One of the main challenges for cannabis flower is the difficulty in homogenising the flower, as it can contain varying levels of cannabinoids.

      • Three factors determine cannabis oil production:
      • Raw material – quality or type of cannabis flower used
      • Production method – costs, difficulty & distribution ability
      • Legal classification and licensing – GMP/cGMP/API etc.