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Legal cannabis is a new frontier of discovery as research continues to uncover the vast potential of the plant. It is fast becoming a global industry and is one of the most exciting new asset classes of today.


The legal cannabis industry was valued at $7.7b in 2017 and is projected to grow to $146.4b by 2025. This rapid market expansion is being driven by the progressive legalisation of cannabis globally.

This is legitimising historically illegal markets, disrupting traditional industries like drinks and pharmaceuticals, and creating new market space. It is an incredible investment opportunity but can also help bring foundational change to countries and increase the quality of life for people in need.  

In such a rapidly growing industry the “green rush” is fast becoming a new venture for private, corporate and VC investors to move capital into that is no longer secure in major industries.

The fast pace of development in the “green” industry is due to its disruption of traditional medicine. Pharmaceuticals are under threat and major investment houses are looking to cash in on the new “green gold” opportunities in the hopes of staking their claim in the new world.

Medical cannabis is one of the greatest medical revolutions of our age. Frontier Botanics believes that it is also the beginning of a dramatic shift in how people view health and society. The company intends to be on the forefront of of this revolution.


“Several market leading international firms have already acquired early stage licences and are looking to build facilities in Lesotho. Of the the first five companies granted licences in Lesotho three of them have either been taken over by larger players or significant stakes in the companies have been purchased. Despite this the area is still open territory for development and has no clear front runner”.


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