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Our Vision 

Frontier is developing multi-use cultivation facilities that will dramatically reduce costs while maintaining international quality standards.


Southern Africa is a rapidly developing medical cannabis region. Production and development costs are projected to be ¼ that of North America.

With licences already secured in Lesotho Frontier is in a prime position to further develop its operations footprint in other African countries. Using Lesotho as a launching point Frontier Botanics will become the dominant African cannabis producer and global competitor through a cost effective and agile business model.

This flexible approach:

  • Avoids high production costs associated with massive cannabis production facilities
  • Allows flexibility of production with rapidly changing legal status and new revenue pathways
  • Creates a manoeuvrable business philosophy able to pivot with a rapidly evolving market

Each plant can produce up to 500gms per harvest

2kgs p.a.

6,000 plants in 10,000 m2 facility can produce

12,000 kgs p.a.

Which has the potential to generate revenue of

$36m p.a.


Frontier intends to bring the most modern cannabis cultivation, production, and extraction methods into its African operations..


Cannabis extraction is conducted once cannabis is harvested and cured. After this, the oil is separated from the biomass into a..


Using a ‘Seed to Sale’ structure Frontier Botanics will be able to analyse and track each step in the process; from nature to the consumer..


As an early entrant into cannabis progressive areas there is a necessity to form distribution pathways. Through a developing pipeline..



The company is creating operations designed for its own production but is also coordinating with other producers. By brokering products for.. 


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