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Our Model

Focuses on staged organic growth using small, efficient, and strategically positioned operations. These are designed for long term value creation over short term gain. Frontier will be at the forefront of every African country developing favourable medical cannabis legislation.


By exercising first-mover advantages in emerging areas Frontier will become essential to developing medical cannabis ecosystems. The company is developing operations in diverse sections of the value chain including: production, R&D, extraction, processing, product creation, technology, and brokering.

In response to the expanding global demand for high quality medical grade cannabis Frontier Botanics will grow its asset base as efficiently as possible. This includes balancing operational expansion against long term value forecasting. The business is currently in discussions with several progressive African countries to secure further cannabis licences as the laws and regulations in these countries continue to evolve.

Medical cannabis licensing has been shown to increase in value, cost, and difficulty to obtain over time. Frontier will increase value by being an early entrant in these areas.

The company is creating operations designed for its own production but is also coordinating with other producers. By brokering products for itself as well as other appropriate entities Frontier intends to make itself integral to the medical cannabis ecosystem. Through this it can provide coordinated B2B import/export services, for a fee, to both regional and global partners.

As an early entrant into cannabis progressive areas there is a necessity to form distribution pathways. Through a developing pipeline of both local and global sources Frontier is building an efficient network for product travel. This network is used to expand the companies reach but will also be available to appropriate partners. This is to include transportation, warehousing, and platform development.

“Only once in a lifetime do you come across an investment opportunity that is good for people, the planet, and your portfolio; that is what we have in the cannabis industry”

    COO, Frontier Botanics


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