The medical cannabis sector is evolving rapidly, which demands an agile business philosophy; we recognise that the ability to pivot quickly is essential in today’s dynamic cannabis ecosystem.

To this end, the business units focus on staged organic growth building in multiple areas of the value chain using small, efficient, and strategically positioned operations centered on creating long term foundational value.

NICHE CULTIVATION – Our model will avoid high production costs associated with extensive scale cannabis production facilities. We intend to develop several high-grade indoor growing facilities, built to GMP specifications to cultivate and process pharmaceutical-grade product for our target market.

CANNABIS EXTRACTION  CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Oil & Medical Oil are precious commodities; the extracted concentrate possesses more significant amounts of cannabinoids with consistent levels. For the business, this will generate higher value sales, profit margins and open up more global distribution pathways.

DISTRIBUTION PATHWAYS  Building trust and meaningful relationships with physicians, pharmacists, and regulators will be paramount for long term business success. From production too patient, we will be an integrated global provider of superior grade medical cannabis product..

“Only once in a lifetime do you come across an investment opportunity that is good for people, the planet, and your portfolio; that is what we have in the cannabis industry.”

Iain Richardson – Frontier Botanics