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“We want to be known internationally as the best cultivator of medical grade cannabis anywhere in the world. We are proud of becoming the first African nation to produce cannabis legally, and we can only see this improving the lives and health of the people of our great country”

Prime Minister of Lesotho – Dr. Motsoahae Thomas Thabane


Frontier has secured its first license in the Kingdom of Lesotho for a facility to cultivate and produce medical cannabis in an area of up to 3 hectares (30,000 sqm).  This licence grants the right to cultivate, extract, import, export, and distribute.


 The company will be building a 10,000 sqm indoor growing facility to cultivate and produce high quality medical-grade cannabis flower and extracts for export to the international medical market.

  • Frontier Botanics is in negotiations for further licenses of this type for use on other sites. Licences have an irrevocable option to renew and expand any such license.
  • Each Licence is granted on a 10 year basis subject to renewal annually. (subject to production and compliance)

Frontier have Identified 3 first phase grow and production licenses each with a unique benefit and first to market solution


A recent world bank report describes Lesotho as a country “at a crossroads needing new engines for growth” and a “dynamic private sector to help it seize opportunities in regional and global markets”. Frontier has a presence in both Europe and Africa. This puts the company in a prime position to use Lesotho as a launching point while continuing to expand its base into further African countries as well as the worldwide market.

Site development and production costs in the area are projected by Canadian firms to be ¼ the cost of North America. The country allows foreign investors to retain 100% ownership of businesses. Lesotho is a developing country with a high unemployment rate; estimated at 24% in 2017. The countries GDP, however, has risen between 2010 and 2017 by almost 300% from $0.89b to $2.64b. With cannabis becoming more legal globally and Lesotho being a production powerhouse for the region it is primed to become an export hub with cannabis becoming a vital part of the nation’s GDP. This will continue to create a favourable environment both for investment and the Lesotho government



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