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Social Responsibility

‘Frontier Botanics will promote transparency, trust, and responsible farming practices. We believe in maintaining the balance between people, profit, and the environment.’


Frontier Botanics believes that cannabis production has the ability to bring about fundamental change to many areas of Africa. We believe in growing, upskilling, and empowering local communities with self-sustaining projects to tackle real problems.

The company is already engaging with community leaders to contribute to the area near the production site. Lesotho suffers from a very high unemployment rate with estimates at 24% in 2017. The economy is also dependent on customs duties from the Southern African Customs Union which is around 26% of the country’s GDP. Cannabis production has the ability to:

  • Provide careers in an internationally expanding industry
  • Skills in management, production, laboratories, and many others
  • Legitimacy in a globally evolving medical industry
  • Alternative income for the government to grow its GDP

The company will also work with local charity organisations to ensure that it is appropriately representing the interests of the business as well as the Lesotho people.  


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