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      “The Green Rush”

      Recognition of significant investment opportunities relating to cannabis, and its potential as a disrupter, has generated a plethora of mergers and acquisitions – a process now described as the “Green Rush”.


      Canada recently became the third country to legalise cannabis for recreational purposes. Over 50 countries now have some form of medical cannabis legalisation with many more governments currently discussing it.


      This includes European markets like the U.K. and Germany that have made medical use legal within the last two years. The market grew more in 2018 than in the prior six years combined. With several further stages of legalisation in Europe and elsewhere this is expected to accelerate.

      With cannabis already firmly established in North America, opportunities are opening up globally as new countries legalise. Africa is one of the most exciting new areas to develop progressive cannabis investment opportunities.

      “There are 100+ different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Their beneficial effects are rapidly being discovered. New health applications lead to new revenue pathways. Research will continue for decades with evidence demonstrating the versatility of cannabis healing power as new medical applications are uncovered.”


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