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Forecast Facility Yield

We estimate that 60% of a 10,000m2 facility could be used for plant production. This has the potential to generate £28.8m in profit per annum at full production.


By utilising the latest technologies and growing methods Frontier will ensure that each harvest is of the highest quality and yield possible while maintaining a consistent & replicable product.



Frontier intends to bring the most modern cannabis cultivation, production, and extraction methods into its African operations. The company is developing infrastructure from the ground up to grow indoors under strictly controlled conditions for medical production.

This is to ensure its production is of the highest quality and remains globally compliant. This includes advanced tracking and cultivation systems. The following are average outlines for a production facility of our type:


  • Cultivation will take place under GMP conditions targeting API standards
  • Site development and production costs are ¼ the cost of North American producers
  • 50 – 67% of Frontier’s 10,000 sqm facility could be used for production
  • Potentially 6,0000 plants at one sqm spacing
  • Plant yields of 400g-600g per plant
  • Full extraction capabilities
  • Complete laboratory and R&D
  • Minimum four harvests per year

The surrounding area (15ha) can be used for production of hemp or polytunnel grow; utilising natural light. Lesotho has an ideal climate and sun exposure for this type of production. This will add diversity to Frontier Botanics revenue & distribution streams.




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